Powertraveller - Expedition

Powertraveller - Expedition

Powertraveller - Expedition

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A mobile, off-the-grid power solution to run your expedition radios, computers and cameras. The PowerMonkey Expeditions generates, stores and delivers power to keep you self-sufficient indefinitely, anywhere on earth. A rugged solar panel and efficient hand crank let you off-grid produce power day or night, or you can use them simultaneously for faster charging. If you're at a power source, you can use the international AC charger. The battery holds 10,500mAh, enough for power-hungry devices and 5 and 12-volt output lets you charge phones, GPS, radios or lighting systems.


  • Both input and output cables run through an IP67-rated housing, keeping connections waterproof for up to 1 meter for 30 minutes.
  • PowerMonkey lithium polymer battery is housed in a rugged aluminum case and can be carried alone as a power bank.
  • LCD readout displays remaining capacity, output voltage selected, and amount of power being generated.
  • Battery charges via hand crank, solar panel or the international AC wall charger, all included.
  • 5V output charges any USB device.
  • 12V socket lets you charge any device you can charge in your car.
  • 32:1 gearing ratio and hand-over-hand motion make the crank efficient and comfortable to use.
  • LED indicator guides you to the optimum speed for efficient hank crank charging.
  • 10 minutes of cranking recharges the battery by 1% or provides 40 minutes of talk time on an iPhone 5S.
  • Aluminum housing protects the solar panel and increases its efficiency by acting as a heat-sink.
  • Maximum Power Point Tracker technology lets the solar panel generate power even in low light.
  • In ideal conditions, the solar panel recharges the battery in 12-15 hours.
  • Solar panels hinge open up to 225 degrees for fitting on a backpack, bike panniers or tent roof. Output: 1A 5V.
  • Panel dimensions are 20 x 11 x 1.8cm.


  • 1 x Expedition Power Bank
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