Garmin Vivofit Jr3 - Marvel Iron Man Band

Garmin Vivofit Jr3 - Marvel Iron Man Band

Garmin Vivofit Jr3 - Marvel Iron Man Band

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Let your kid check out the different designs and characters brought to life by the vívofit jr. 3 accessory bands. This one is inspired by genius, billionaire, philanthropist Tony Stark — also known as Iron Man. Purchasing a new band lets your kid gain access to a whole new world of app adventures1. The band corresponds with the app adventure experience on the parent-controlled mobile app. What’ll it be?

With an Iron Man or Black Panther band, kids progress in Infinity Saga: A Marvel Studios Adventure as they reach their daily 60-minute activity goals, inspiring them to do their best. With you as their helper, your child will unfold new adventures and relive the most exciting moments of the Infinity Saga alongside their favorite Marvel heroes. They’ll help the Avengers stop Loki’s destructive plans, save the world from Ultron and even travel through the quantum realm to take back the Infinity Stones and defeat Thanos. The more they meet — and exceed — their activity goals, the more of the story they’ll get to see.

When you purchase this band, the box includes a code you’ll use to unlock the Magical Kingdoms: A Disney Princess Adventure map on the Garmin Jr. app.


  • vívofit® jr. 3


  • Garmin Vivofit Jr3 - Marvel Iron Man Band
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