Garmin FMI 15 Data Cable

Garmin FMI 15 Data Cable

Garmin FMI 15 Data Cable

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One Cable, 2 Capabilities
When used with your compatible device, FMI 25 Cable enables powerful fleet management while receiving a lifetime¹ of HD Digital traffic avoidance information.
FMI 25 Cable allows your compatible device to receive both Garmin Traffic and HD Digital Traffic, to help you avoid delays due to accidents, construction or rush-hour congestion.
Its fleet capabilities let your drivers and dispatchers work together more efficiently. You can conveniently monitor a vehicle fleet using your compatible device and the FMI 25 Cable. And, dispatchers are able to track and send messages directly to drivers quickly and easily.

In the Box

- Garmin FMI 15 Data Cable

Compatible Devices

- Garmin DriveSmart™ 50LMT-D 
- Garmin DriveSmart™ 60LMT-D 

- Garmin DriveSmart™ 70LMT-D 

- nüvi® 2407 

- nüvi® 2408LT-Digital 

- nüvi® 2447LMT

- nüvi® 2448LMT-Digital

- nüvi® 2497LMT 

- nüvi® 2508LT-Digital 

- nüvi® 2547LMT 

- nüvi® 2548LMT-D 

- nüvi® 2557LMT 

- nüvi® 2559LM 

- nüvi® 2559LMT 

- nüvi® 2567LMT 

- nüvi® 2569LMT-D 

- nüvi® 2577LT 

- nüvi® 2589LM 

- nüvi® 2597LMT

- nüvi® 2598LMT-D 

- nüvi® 2599LMT-D 

- nüvi® 2659LM 

- nüvi® 2699LMT-D

- nüvi® 2799LMT-D
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Manufacturer Garmin
Product Source Garmin Southern Africa